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faq_123_350wHow much does it cost for a genealogist to search my family tree?

I charge £20 an hour but I begin with a free consultation and agree a plan for the research at an agreed number of hours and always come back to you if more research is needed.

Do you only search within Hampshire?

No. Although I specialise in families with a Hampshire connection, I can and do family tree research throughout the UK.

Couldn’t I search my family history myself?

Yes and many people come to me after they have gone as far as they can with their own research. People often find it is both time consuming and costly to take out the memberships necessary to access a lot of the family history data available online. As an experienced genealogist, I have the knowledge and resources to go to records that most people are unaware of.

Do you only provide family trees?

Hampshire Family History Search can research one or more lines of your family tree but can also find out information about a specific person or an event such as a marriage or a death.

Why should I choose you?

I have considerable experience and expertise a a genealogist. I customise my research to your needs and can delve into any aspect of your family history that holds particular interest to you.

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