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Whilst I specialise in Hampshire and the South of England, family history research can be undertaken just about anywhere in the UK.

I begin with a free initial consultation to enable us to agree what we are hoping to achieve and a plan for your family search. The more information you are able to give at the outset the better as this will be the basis from which I as your personal genealogist will commence your family history search. Therefore I suggest that you talk with other family members to obtain as many snippets of the family history as possible.

Family Search Costs

The cost of my services as a genealogist is £20 per hour. Copies of certificates, wills or other documents will be charged at cost. No additional charges are made for travelling time or travel costs within Hampshire, but for research outside Hampshire travel will be charged at cost.

Dependent on the scale of the research I have been engaged to undertake I will ask for a deposit of £100 prior to commencement, equating to 5 hours genealogist research. The final balance will be payable prior to submission of my final report.

I will keep you informed at every step of the way so that the costs always stay within your budget.


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